Saturday, February 21, 2009

Death is not an option

I've been researching around the internet, whether it is a blog, site, wiki, and forums, where I found 4 dead Korean Artists (don't care whether they came from South or North).

I am also an Asian like you guys and yet I am less fortunate than those 4 girls who have died but I never thought of hanging or killing myself.

Here are the 4 Koreans who died as of 2008:

Jung Da Bin:

Lee Eun Joo:


Choi Jin Sil:

Well, that's too childish, killing themselves because of debts are some of the most worthless reasons to die.

All I can say is that before you kill yourself, think of millions, or should I say Billions, of people who are less fortunate than you guys who still want to live in this world. Instead of killing yourselves, why don't you put yourself to those unfortunate guys who seeks fortune rather than death.

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