Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My most hated Filipino Celebrity - Christy Fermin

Looks angelic in the picture? Hmmm, she looks more than a devil to me.

Since I was still in my early age, I have seen her in television, particularly showbiz talk shows. But lately, she was involved in different feuds, especially Hero Angeles and recently, Nadia Montenegro.

Why do I hate this celebrity? Because I see her as one of the biggest pathetic, immoral, cocky, and out-of-control freak. Shame on her, she puts a stain to ABS-CBN (Television Channel in the Philippines) because of her attitude.

Therefore, ABS-CBN gave her over 2 months suspension. But in my opinion, she deserves to be fired because she's too old for that business and she's just hanging around talking nonsense.

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