Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Celebrity news blog gives tribute to Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger RIP celebrity news blog

Heathcliff Andrew "Heath" Ledger, one of the greatest actors in Hollywood, died yesterday at 3:26 PM EST when he was seen in a apartment in 421 Broome Street. He started his lead role in 10 things I hate about you. He also played one of Mel Gibson's son, Gabriel, in The Patriot. He also played William/Ulrich von Lichtenstein in A Knight's Tale. He also starred in films like The order, Ned Kelly, Brothers Grimm, and the Award winning film, Brokeback Mountain as Ennis del Mar. Heath Ledger also starred The Dark Knight as The Joker, which is to be shown in July 2008. We are hoping that Heath's soul will rest in peace and his memories will remain in our hearts forever.

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